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We believe that only proper education can ensure employment, and it is employment alone that can lead to financial independence of women, which is key to their empowerment.
Through the high standards of our training (both practical and theory), we open doors to the noble profession of teaching, for women, enabling them to avail the massive opportunities on offer to find employment in the ever-growing field of education. 
If you are a fresher,  then it will teach you skills and techniques from scratch to master the art of teaching. And if you are already a teacher then the course module and practical exercises will help you to further sharpen your skills to surpass your peers and take your teaching career to new heights.
The pupils, fellow senior teachers as well as the school administration, where our students get employment post the completion of the course, all appreciate the quality of the training imparted at our institution.
Our trainees of various teacher training courses have been placed not only in India but also abroad. Trainee teachers certified by MDECCE, Delhi have been recruited in various countries across the world like Canada, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait, Muscat, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, China, Singapore etc. Please note that employment as a pre-school teacher abroad varies from country to country and is subject to the licensing rules of that particular country.
Our trainee teachers within India have successfully completed their teachers training courses. They have been placed in reputed schools in Delhi and across India.


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