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Shiv Educational and Foundation Group SENF Group )
                                Units of SENF Group
1. (MDECCE)-  Maharshi Dayanand Childhood Care and Education
2. (SEYS)™ -  Shiv Educational Yoga Sansthan 
3. (MDCTS)™- Maharshi Dayanand Computer Training Sansthan
4. (MDVTS)™- Maharshi Dayanand Vocational Training Sansthan
5 (SESES)™- Shiv Educational Solar Energy Sansthan
Affiliation With Various Departments 
1. Shiv Educational and Foundation Group is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified (Certificate No:Dl-17090505) Institution providing Yoga ,teacher training program ,Computer & Vocational Courses 
2. Shiv Educational and Foundation Group, Regd. By Govt. of NCT,New Delhi (Regd.No.:T-504 ) & certificate no. (IN-DL50828843634228M) 
3. Shiv Educational and Foundation Group, Regd. With “CR Act. Higher Education Department (HRD)”,New Delhi.(App.No.:11507)
4. (MDECCE)™- Maharshi Dayanand Childhood Care And Education ™- Regd. By Govt. of INDIA (Regd.No. 3591648) AND ANNEXURE OF Certificate NO.: 1754349
5. (MDCTS)™- Maharshi Dayanand Computer Training Sansthan ™- Regd. BY Govt. of India (Regd no.3614861) AND ANNEXURE OF Certificate NO.: 1779068
6. (MDVTS)™- Maharshi Dayanand Vocational Training Sansthan ™ -Regd. BY Govt. of India (Regd no.3625222) AND ANNEXURE OF Certificate NO.: 1791230
7. (SEYS)™- Shiv Educational Yoga Sansthan - ( Course Syllabus Regd. With “CR Act.Higher Education Department (HRD)”,(Regd.No.:L-2583),and Also Membership with “NICE YOGA & NATUROPATHY BUREAU,UTTARAKHAND ”, (Membership No. -ORG/NYNB/EDU/145),
8. (SESES)™- Shiv Educational Solar Energy Sansthan ™ -Regd. by Govt. of India (Regd no.3734453) and SHIV EDUCATIONAL AND FOUNDATION Group, Regd. By Ministry of Micro,Small & Medium Enterprises,New Delhi.(MSME Delhi Govt No.:DL08D0005574)
9. Govt. of Uttar Pradesh DIC  Registration NO. -  090072110894/2015
10. Shiv Educational and Foundation Group (SENF Group)-(QCI Membership approved under category of Professional Institute (Membership No).:(CORP/EDU/5072/2017)
11. Ministry of Micro,Small & Medium Enterprises,UP.(MSME UP Govt No.:UP56D0013127) 
12. Shiv Educational and Foundation Group, Regd. By Ministry of Micro,Small & Medium Enterprises,New Delhi.(MSME Delhi Govt No.:DL08D0005574
13. Shiv Educational and Foundation Group,  ZED- Micro,Small & Medium Enterprises Regd. No. :-(UAM/EM2/SSI Registration no.:UAM(DL08D0005574)
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