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Shiv Educational Yoga Sansthan (SEYS)

    You will gain the technical skills to deepen your own yoga practice and teach an effective and engaging power vinyasa yoga class.
    You will also discover that the true talent of a yoga teacher lies not simply in your capacity to call asanas, but in your ability to teach in a heartfelt way that connects to, and affects, your students on a deep and powerful level.
    Our unique transformational content will help you realize your potential as a powerful and inspiring teacher. You will also gain the confidence and freedom to pursue the lifestyle you want and find fulfillment as a human being.

    Live and practice yoga as you learn to teach it. This intensive training gives you hands-on experience to the classical yoga way of life which has been adapted to suit western culture.

    Our Yoga Teacher Training Course are perfect for aspiring teachers and those that wish to deepen their practice by living Yoga to the fullest, where everything is seen as Yoga- a “uniting with our True Self”.  Be prepared to embody & teach Yoga with utmost love, compassion, skill & wisdom.  A deep inner transformation will take place that will connect you to your Divine Self, which is endowed with infinite knowledge and grace.  The Yoga Teacher Training first and foremost focuses on Self-Realization– the awakening to your highest potential, and it is from this place alone that all knowledge, skill, and compassion will arise to become an exemplary Yoga Teacher, and a remarkable human being- the embodiment of Divinity.

    We invite you to take this precious moment out of your life, to discover who you truly are, and transform yourself and your life in ways that are unimaginable…



                                                      “That today is not just the first-ever International Yoga
                                                        Day, but the beginning of a new era that would inspire
                                                         humanity in its quest for peace and harmony. As mankind
                                                         advances in various spheres of development and
                                                         technology, individual human beings must progress too, and
                                                         Yoga offered an avenue for this....”

                                                         -Hon’ble Prime Minister
                                                           Shri Narendra Modi
                                                           June 21, 2015


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