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Syllabus for ANGANWADI  Supervisor :

1. Physiology and Micro biology

Digestive system, Cardio Vascular System and Reproductive system. Food Microbiology, food poisoning, food spoilage, food born infection, Diseases caused by Micro organism (a) Bacterial Pneumonia, Meningitis,Cholera, Syphilis, Diphtheria, Leprosy (b) Virus - AIDS, Rabies, German measles, Measles, mumps, polo mellitus (c) Amoebic dysentery, malaria

2.  Child development and Welfare

The neonates - Characteristics, abilities and adjustments, reflexes - agar test, neonatal care - Immunization, - Breast feeding Advantages. Importance of early stimulation, Discipline and guidance for children, preschool education - objectives, types, pre-school personnel, pre-school records. Child rearing practices of parents, parental attitudes, families influence on the personality and behavior development of children. Responsible parenthood (acceptance, injection and over protection), Population education definition problems of over population, small family norm, family planning, sex education, STD.

3.  Human Nutrition and dietics

Good Nutrition, Malnutrition, balanced diet, RDA, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids, vitamins and minerals— Classification, functions, Sources and deficiencies, dietary fibre, Diet in fevers, Diarrhoea, constipation, Pregnancy, Lactation, Pre-school and adolescents. Meal planning, Therapeutic nutrition, Important National and International agencies.

4.  Extension education and communication

Extension Education, definition, need principles, philosophy, difference between formal, informal and extension education. Community development -objectives, history of community development programmes in India, Poverty alleviation programmes in India. Programme development - Planning execution and evaluation. Communication methods, Audio visual aids - classification

5.  VIVA

6.  Internal Assessment


Syllabus for ANGANWADI  Teacher :



Syllabus for ANGANWADI  Helper :

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