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Shiv Educational & Foundation group(SENF Group)

unit- Maharshi Dayanand childhood care & education (MDECCE)

Regd. by Govt of NCT of Delhi

AN ISO 9001:2008 Certified

NCT Delhi REGD NO. : T /504
CR MHRD NO. : 11507
QCI Membership approved
MSME NO. DL08D0005574
ISO No.: DI-17090505                  MDECCE :Regd Govt.of INDIA 

Governing Body
R.K. Gupta Chairman
Mr. S.K. Gupta  Director  
Mr. Baleshwar Dayal Sharma Secretary 
Mr. Dayanand Gupta Collaborator   
Mr. Mahendra Kumar    Panel controller
Mr. S. P.  Gupta  Registrar
Mrs. C. P.  Goel  (Adv.)  Legal Adviser
Mr. Vipin Jain (C.A.) International Coordinator (New York)
Mr. Pradeep  Verma  National Coordinator (Nepal)
Mr. K. K. Gupta   State Coordinator (Uttar Pradesh)
Mr. N. N.  Nagar State  Coordinator  (Uttranchal)
Mr. M. K. Gupta State Coordinator (Karnataka) 
Mr. Kunal Gupta  State Coordinator (Gujrat) 
Mr. Yeeshu Jain State Coordinator (Haryana) 
Mr. Ravindra Yadav  State Coordinator (Rajasthan) 
Mr. Lalit Sehgal  State Coordinator (Chattishgarh)
Mr. Pankaj Kumar Mishra  State  Coordinator (M.P.)
Mr. Dev Sharma  State Coordinator (Punjab)
Mr. Rajeev Aggarwal   State  Coordinator (Tamilnadu)
Mr. Narendra Gupta (Dr.)  Zonal Coordinator (Noida & Gr. Noida)
Mr. Rahul   Zonal Coordinator (Mooradabad)Q
Mr. Kapil M. Goel  (Adv.) Zonal Coordinator  (Baghpat)
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