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Paper 1: Basic Principles in Solar Technology

Solar Thermal Conversion : Principles of Solar Radiation, Solar Collector, Absorption of radiation and Conversion to Thermal Energy, Collection & Storage of Thermal Energy, Solar Photovoltaic Cells.


Paper 2: Solar Cookers

Flat plate Box Type Solar Cooker, Advantages of Solar Cooker, Limitations, Cooking time, Precautions while using a solar cooker, Concentrator type solar cooker, Basket type solar cooker etc.


Paper 3 : Domestic & Industrial Water Heaters

Domestic Solar Water Heater, Industrial Solar Water Heater, System Installation & Test.


Paper 4: Solar Dryer

Cabinet type Solar Dryer, Bomboo types Solar Dryer.


Paper 5: Solar Distillation

Simple Solar Distillation Plant and Conical.


Paper 6: Solar Photovoltaic Lighting System

Principle of Photovoltaic lighting system, Solar Array, Battery Bank, Electronic Controller, Inventor, Solar photovoltaic street lighting system, Maintenance of Battery, Cleanliness, Adding water, Kind of water, Discharge limits, Hydrometer readings - Specific gravity, Full charge specific gravity, Readings - Written records, Trouble shooting, Basics of Lead-Acid Batteries, Discharge limits of Lead-Acid batteries.


Paper 7: Solar Water Pumping

Solar photovoltaic pumping system, SPV modules, Water pump.



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